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Meet Diego! He's a sexy young recruit who, so far, has done a little experimenting with other dudes, but comes to us hoping to jump into the line of fire and REALLY get his cock wet!

And once the underwear come off, WOW!! Diego is packing some serious heat. His enormous dick is charged up and ready for action. Claude starts out low and tight as Diego gets things started, using both hands to stroke his oily cock up and down. Diego takes advantage of all the space he needs on the black leather couch, sprawling his legs out, exposing to a nice little taste of his ass.

Then we have Diego standing up, really letting his greased-up erection stretch out. Claude gets the down-low from down low.

Diego gets back on the couch to finish up, kicking his legs up this time to get ready to spray his load. But as he jerks his hard meat, we hear a knock at the door. Claude realizes it must be ol' Ryan Jordan, so he invites Ryan in and explains to Diego that he's about to meet a fellow recruit unexpectedly. Long story short: Diego welcomes Ryan to give it a try, so he does. What a fun little bit of serendipity! I'm tellin' y'all, the AD squad is such a fun, laid back group, totally random blowjobs are never out of the question haha!

I think it's safe to say we got a great idea of how much fun this young recruit is, and some of the good times to come. What an amazing debut from a rookie cadet DRIPPING with warm, sticky promise!

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A message from Dink Flamingo

There's something about military guys... I was raised up in a military town surrounded by the finest examples of manhood that this great country has to offer. Selfless, hardcore, committed, HAWT young men, just becoming fully sexually aware and sent out far from home, horny as fuck and ready to try anything.

For over 15 years now I've been sharing these amazing men with you as they go on their first sexual adventures. For me, there is nothing hotter than watching a real straight military enlisted man explore his sexuality with one of his buddies. When he's in a pile of guys from his platoon and they're all tasting each others balls, cocks and assholes for the first time! You know they've thought about it in the showers, you'll be amazed at how far these straight boys will go when given an excuse to lick their buddy's cock, and then... Join Active Duty and meet these hot straight military studs for yourself you'll see what I mean!

If you like hot, straight military studs You are not alone!