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Featuring : Damon II
  • Updated on : 03-08-2017 |
  • Length : 00:37:21 |
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We have a brand new, gorgeous young man with us today named Damon. He comes off very sophisticated and well-spoken, two things that make squad leaders around here. It's interesting that he describes himself as a party boy to Claude. I think Damon will prove to be an interesting dude and an excellent new soldier.

Damon settles in on the couch and Claude gets nice and low for us. Damon's style is a nice breath of fresh air. He uses lots of oil and implements both hands in the stroking process. With a fat dick like that, two hands are probably necessary!

Then we get view from Damon's perspective, looking down on that luscious cock. Wow, Damon really came here to party and I shouldn't have expected anything less.

Damon goes back to the couch, but this time reclines with one leg up. From here, we get a little teasing glimpse of Damon's ass as he lays back, as well as a good look at his enticing balls.

Then we get a great view from above, showing us Damon's whole body working to pleasure himself. He's a strong guy with serious muscle tone.

Damon goes back to his feet and brings the rhythm back up to fast pace. Claude moves from the front to the back, and we take a look at Damon's sexy ass. Then we get a look upward at this hunk as he cranks his way to the finish line. I simply LOVE what Claude does here! You just have to see this incredible ending. I don't wanna spoil it, but I'll say that I hope you're ready to get blasted by Damon's hot load! What a fun guy and what an excited new prospect for the squad.


Editor, want to know if this hot guy Damon is straight or he is doing Gay4pay ??  He is seems a mix latino stud, He is dammned hot...
2017-03-20 08:19
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Damon you are so Hot for sure, your body is dammned hot with the tattoes on your chest and of course that huge cock of yours, love you Damon and hope to see you back soon on stage.....   Maybe with Quentin Gainze a bareback scene ???
2017-03-20 08:16
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Sign this great showman up quickly before another site gets him under contract.
2017-03-13 23:14
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my type but its kinda awkward at the end?
2017-03-11 13:31
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Sorry not for me just my opinion
2017-03-09 00:21
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Damon is a hunk have him take his socks off if he comes back.
2017-03-08 17:53
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Very hot newcommer to Activeduty this Damon, he is so hot, like his tattoed chest and body and ofcourse that huge manpiece of him.....whooh please bring him back soon on stage......Is he straight or Gay......?   Love Damon !!
2017-03-08 06:51
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please bring him back!
2017-03-05 09:34
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