Cruz & Sonny

We only just met Cruz the other day, but we got along so well -- and he was ready for anything -- that I jumped at the chance to pair him up with Sonny. And the guys go at it -- bareback! Now, you haven't met Sonny before, but I think you're gonna love him. We've got a solo in the can with him that we'll release later, but I didn't want to wait any longer to show you these two in some hard core action. As the scene starts, the guys are on the bed and we're shooting the breeze. I tease them that I can tell there is some "excitement" already... READ MORE


Hey Troops,

We have hit the jackpot with our new recruit Gannon.

As it turns out, Gannon has been a fan of Active Duty since before he joined the army. "Years!" he says. He actually contacted us and wanted to be part of the site. And hot damn, Gannon is super sexy, too!

Kaden starts grilling him right away, teasing him about how we're enjoying the fact that he's turned up in his uniform, ready to go. Kaden asks how he got in contact with us, asking him to describe his email exchange with me. Gannon says he sent me an email, because he thought: "why not go do something that not everyone has the balls to do?" I like that kind of attitude!

Gannon says he sent me a few pictures and it was a really fast process from then to now. (I wasn't about to waste any time with this man -- just look at him!) Gannon stands about 5'10" tall and weighs about 165 lbs. In his spare time he enjoys indoor rock climbing and loves animals, too.

Kaden asks Gannon to strip down out of his uniform, and when he gets down to his little tight briefs, Kaden jokes about how he's got a "valuable ass-et." Gannon agrees, but smiles and says that it's "government property."

We soon get a nice long look at Gannon's smooth, toned, body. Dang, this guy is dead sexy. He's got an ass that won't quit, I tell you what. It's just b e a u t i f u l. About halfway through the scene, Kaden tells Gannon that I've come in and dropped off a present for them -- a massive dildo. Why yes, I'm up to some tricks today. I tell Kaden to get Gannon to try to fit that puppy in his ass and Gannon, a trooper, says "challenge accepted!"

"Good luck," says Kaden. "Don't need luck," Gannon replies. Well, ok then! Some lube and a little bit of struggling later, and Gannon has the monster inside him. "It's definitely in," he says, moaning a bit as he suspends himself onto the monster dildo. Lawd, this man is going places! So many gears are spinning in my head right now.

And holy crap, wait until you see Gannon shoot his load. It goes sailing into the air, hitting the wall next to him. "Golly," Kaden says. "Lick it off the wall." And he does!

In their post-scene chat, Gannon says "I had a lot of fun. Can't even lie, this was a lot of fun."

I know you guys are gonna love Gannon -- so get on in there and check out his debut scene for us.

We'll see you Sunday for a brand new update.