Cruz & Jaxon

I'm back behind the camera, directing our latest scene, which features Cruz and Jaxon in a hot flip-flop scene that I think you're gonna love! Jaxon is just a real cute dude, a wholesome-looking guy next door -- and I'm super pleased that he's taken a shine to us. He says he had a "hell of a lot of fun" his first time around (with Niko). "Niko's a lot of fun." I tell Jaxon that we've got fun guys all over the place, and he smiles, and says, "well that's pretty damn good!" "We got fun guys hidden in the closets…" and then Jaxon looks over... READ MORE


Hey Troops,

"You nervous?" guest director Mike asks our new recruit Trey as our latest scene opens.

"Little bit…" Trey says.

"You look like you're ready to jump out of your skin," Mike jokingly replies.

"Uhh…" Trey nods, smiling, "Little bit. I'll be alright."

Trey is a 22-year old fella from Cheyenne, Wyoming -- and if I'm not mistaken, there might be some Native American in him. He stands at 5'11" tall and weighs in at a solid 187 pounds. Mike notes that he looks like he's in good shape, and Trey says that he "tries to stay that way."

As usual, Mike says that he's going to let Trey do his thing, letting him "knock it out," with little interruption. By the end of the scene, Mike asks Trey "was it as bad as you thought it'd be?"

"Nah, not nearly," he says with a grin.

Mike asks him if he'll come back for another round, and all signs point to "yes," so we just might see Trey again around these parts!

Enjoy Trey in the War Chest!

See you back here on Sunday.