James II & Niko

Tonight for our update, we bring you a hard core scene starring that hot new guy that we introduced to you just the other day: James! The big fella is paired up with Niko -- so you know this is gonna be good -- and Kaden is manning the camera. (Maybe we'll get Kaden lured back over to the other side of the lens one of these days?) Kaden tells us that the guys just recently finished a three way with Tito (something we'll see soon enough), but today, we're getting James and Niko all alone. The guys joke around about how Niko... READ MORE


Hey Troops,

While you met Andre for the first time the other day -- in his hard core duo scene with Zane -- tonight we get him all alone.

This was actually his first scene for us -- we just have presented them to you out of order. (Do you blame me? I wanted to deliver some hard core goodness to you first, before his solo!)

In tonight's scene, we learn that Andre is 19-years sold, weighs about 185 lbs. and stands at a tall 6'2". He loves playing sports -- anything with "balls." Kaden -- who is directing this scene -- gets a kick out of joking about how Andre likes playing with "balls." (Andre says he's not sure if this "qualifies" as a sport … lol.)

So enjoy Andre's debut scene for us, and we'll see you back here on Sunday!