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15 Years Of Active Duty

Active Duty is celebrating its 15th Anniversary! My god, can you believe it? I sure can't. Has it really been that many years since I launched this little site that turned into what you see today? Active Duty started in the Autumn of 1998 and truly, my life has never been the same since. I want to thank you -- our valued members and visitors -- who have been ... READ MORE

Axl, Dallas & Thomas

You'll all remember Dallas from his few scenes in the past. For me, the winner was his scene with Dorian in Double Time 5 where these two rocked the room. I still watch that scene on a regular basis and it's saved in my own personal favorites here on AD. Yes, I liked it that much. Anyway, Dallas contacted me and said he was ready to return for some fun and I ... READ MORE

Damien, Elijah, Josh & Thomas

The boys get wet then play some football with Josh and Damien teaming up against Thomas and Elijah. Thomas and Josh tangle a few times in the sand trying to show off their tough-guy persona’s. The football game is shortlived as the boys head to the house to get cleaned up. Once in the shower the touchy feely begins as the four hotties wash each other down. That’s ... READ MORE

Dustin & Thomas

We are really excited about the scene we're sharing with you in the Videos Of The Week section this week. Two things about it are really great. First of all, our beloved Thomas returns after a long break. Secondly, Dustin returns and this time he's ready to try something new and what a BIG step this is considering what he's up for trying and who he's trying it with. ... READ MORE

Bric & Thomas

Thomas has returned to the Active Duty fold after a long absence. About a year ago he was diagnosed with "Athletic Heart Syndrome" from all the intense sports he's played over the years and the strenuous workouts he's endured. Even without stepping foot in a gym for that entire time, he's still looking delicious if just a little on the beefy side. His doctor has ... READ MORE

Damien, Kaden, Randy & Thomas

Randy, Thomas, Kaden and Damien ... Things kick off right away with Randy sucking on Kaden while Damien is sucking on Thomas. I must have been downstairs baking a pie cause these four heroes got started without me. But that's OK, we've come in just at the right time. Randy is sucking Kaden while Kaden strokes Randy and Thomas is telling Damien how to worship his ... READ MORE

DJ, Shawn & Thomas

This scene is another scorcher as Shawn gets to meet Thomas and DJ for the first time. These two Active Duty veterans take our newbie on a ride he won't soon forget as they throw him around and use him up just the way he seems to like it. Things get off to a quick start with these three as Shawn gets caught in the middle between these two huge hard cocks and has to ... READ MORE

Colt & Thomas

Thomas And Colt Get To Know Each Other ... So as Major Wood is taking their photos outside, I am inside gearing things up for the video portion and we're watching these two in the pool and hot tub. You can tell that Colt is really happy about his co-star and Thomas seems pleased too. Thomas lets down some of his macho bravado and lets Colt enjoy the fantasy as Colt ... READ MORE

Summer Recruits 2: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes ... Following the film on the second DVD disc is extensive behind the scenes footage, some of which was shot by the guys while they were out on the town partying. ... READ MORE

Chaz, Randy & Thomas

Thomas, Chaz And Randy Get Rowdy... DJ tries his hand behind the camera and I was really impressed with what a great job he did of keeping these guys in line and focused. He kicks things off like I normally do and shoots the shit with the guys for a bit before getting down to business. Randy makes strides on this beach trip and really takes to bottoming like never ... READ MORE