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15 Years Of Active Duty

Active Duty is celebrating its 15th Anniversary! My god, can you believe it? I sure can't. Has it really been that many years since I launched this little site that turned into what you see today? Active Duty started in the Autumn of 1998 and truly, my life has never been the same since. I want to thank you -- our valued members and visitors -- who have been ... READ MORE


Chris This 26 year old Army dude looks much younger thanks to his naturally blond hair and clean living. Yeah, right! He's 5'7'' tall and as Dink instructs his to get undressed piece by piece we learn a few things about our hero. He's recently discovered that he likes getting fucked (thank Dink for that) and the thought of being in a video gets him pretty darned ... READ MORE

Chris & Lukas

PVT. Pillow-Biter In Action Flash back to earlier in the year, Dink and Brian are spending a lazy evening together and having a few brews. Chris flashes a moon at Dink then heads to the guestroom and before you know it he's flashing a whole lot more. This is Chris' first time on video and this blond recruit is beer-brave and feeling no pain. Then we find out that ... READ MORE


After the session Dink and Chris and Lukas chill in the living room, cut up on each other and generally just shoot the shit. Its a brief look at the male bonding between these Army guys and their cameraman. ... READ MORE