Ripley & Princeton Price

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Video Description: The soldiers come out with a bang right off the bat. It's easy to mistake one for the other as they almost look like twins so keep your eyes on them constantly while they fuck. They swap some amazing BJ's considering both of their cocks are perfect. Not long after they both have had their fill of cock swallowing Ripley wants that throbbing cock of Princeton's deep in his ass. Ripley gets what he wants finally and as Princeton builds up his speed Ripley's moans only get louder and louder. The intense fucking that Princeton gives Ripley is hard and deep. Ripley loves to comment on how great that hard dick feels as it fucks him. The passion continues to reverberate off these two amazing beautiful men throughout the entire scene. When we have two soldiers that are enjoying every moment of each other it makes me wish it would never end but sadly it does. Princeton has to pull his dick out and he strokes his nut out onto Ripley's ripped abs and right afterwards Princeton shoves his cock back into Ripley as he continues to fuck him after nutting. Ripley loves the feel of warm jizz on his ass and finally lets loose his built up load onto himself.Enjoy!

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