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Featuring : Ricardo Trujillo
  • Updated on : 04-26-2017 |
  • Length : 00:25:01 |
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I hope you are ready for an extreme tall glass of Ricardo because we have a sexy Latino standing 6 foot 3 weighing 150lbs and a strong ripe young age of 29. Ricardo is an avid swimmer when he's not showing off his big thick cock and you can maybe see him running as well since he's always active and pushing his limits in any way possible. Ricardo has very long sexy legs with beautiful skin to go with it. His physique is amazing because of all the swimming he is constantly doing. He's a quiet guy with a big thick cock and he loves to stroke it with his two big hands. He may seem nervous but he is far from that. It takes two hands to stroke this shaft pushing all the blood into every vein possible. With just a couple more strokes of his shaft he comes to a complete stop in his tracks and all of a sudden his sweet main juice oozes out the tip of his dick as it resembles a fierce volcano. Just when you think he is done cumming he somehow reloads and bam with a few more strokes he shoots a long stream of cum multiple times covering himself all over.



fantastic double shot  second one better than first.
2017-06-04 18:55
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He's very sexy and would look great getting fucked.  It would be nice to see these solo guys move around standing up naked before they set to work on the sofa (the WHOLE guy, not just crotch shots).
2017-05-07 12:43
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Oh My God !!!! Fuck Yeah !!!! Bring his sexy ass back !!!!! I wanna see him pound some ass
2017-04-30 11:17
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I agree with 51144108..bring him back..nice cock and cum shot. Please get rid of that noisy couch...camerman had too much caffeine
2017-04-28 14:11
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Bring him back he is was hot latino jo buddy i want to see again and again with toys and all and Princeton or Dominic Please !! love how he moans and edges till the very end I want him bad..jca
2017-04-27 01:46
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Sorry did nothing for me maybe next time
2017-04-26 23:23
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