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Starring Brock II
Video Description: As Brock begins to feel comfortable stroking his cock it gets bigger and bigger showing us just how great of a dick he has. He likes to stroke it slow but with a bear grip. His plump lips look great for sucking off one of our vets. Brock continues to show off his hard cock as it bounces off his smooth firm chest. He is tall and slender with a cock that fits his body perfectly. He is almost hairless as he masturbates for us all to indulge on. His quiet demeanor and easy going attitude are perfect for our new soldiers. Hopefully, if Brock does well we can throw him into the battlefield with some of our vets and see just how great of a soldier he really is. With a few more bear grips of a stroke, he unleashes one amazing cum shot. His cum flows like a river all over his cock almost nonstop and with one final look at the camera Brock fades off into the sunset.