Kyler Build

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Featuring: Kyler Build
  • Update on : 02/07/2018 |
  • Length : 00:24:11 |
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Kyler may have a small frame but his cock is another story. He has a thick perfect shaped cock hard and ready to be stroked and he can cum multiple times. He has a few tattoos and smooth milky white skin. Kyler pulls out his fat cock and begins stroking his thick meat. His ripped abs flex with every stroke up and down his hard shaft. His small built frame is sexy and compact especially his bubble butt. The only hair on his smooth body is on his legs and just under his furry balls we see a very nice patch of fuzz. His hard cock begins to pulsate as his first load is getting close to oozing out. He lies back on the couch and shoots a sprinkler style load all over the couch and himself. You would think that after letting his load out he would be done but nope the fight continues as his cock stays hard and he keeps stroking his meat to build up another sexy load of cum for us all to see. Kyler shoots his second creamy cum all over himself while jerking fast and hard. Enjoy!