Silas Ericson

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Starring Silas Ericson
Video Description: Silas takes his clothes off revealing his ripped body and he loves to show off all his muscles. We couldn't stop him from doing pose after pose during the photo shoot and his body was looking amazing so we let him show off all his goods. His cock becomes rock hard throbbing with desire to be sucked but the grip of his hand is making him quiver with delight and out of the blue Silas blasts a huge creamy load while standing up. He didn't give us a warning and let loose on his own terms but it was a great mess so we let him take a break and he worked his dick back up for us once again. Silas has huge firm thighs that you can tell he spends hours working on to perfect them as wells as many others body parts. He can stand up for hours stroking his big dick but we let him relax on the couch and he sprawled out showing us his tight little ass. Standing tall once again Silas is stroking his cock fast while holding his balls and just like that he shoots a load straight up in the air gushing all over himself with his thick warm cum. Enjoy!