Teddy & Zack

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Starring Zack, Teddy
Categories: Blowjob, First Time, Gay, Uniform
Video Description: After a night of drinking and his first gay sex, Teddy has passed out, so he doesn't hear it when Zack wake's Dink up to find out what's happening. Dink tells Zack all about Teddy's 'coming out' and then talks Zack into continuing Teddy's seduction.

Zack strips down to his skivvies and puts on Teddy's dress-whites and poses for Dink, then he goes to the sofa where Teddy passed out and finds the sailor has a woody. Zack treats Teddy to a wake-up blow job. Teddy is confused to find a stranger wearing his uniform and sucking on his dick, but there's more.

Zack tells Teddy that the only way he's going to get his uniform back is to suck his cock and make him cum. Teddy doesn't have much choice so he and Zack get down to business, and to tell the truth, I think Teddy is starting to enjoy this whole gay sex thing. I KNOW Zack enjoyed it, for sure!

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