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Featuring : Fernando
  • Updated on : 05-10-2017 |
  • Length : 00:28:42 |
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The recruits keep falling in waiting for their chance to be a part of this great squadron. Our newest rookie Fernando who is 23 standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing in at a strong 165lbs is ready to show off his talents. He is an avid Soccer player and fan plus he likes to let loose with some Ji-Jitsu when he's not strangling his cock with his big hands. Fernando can't keep his eyes off the camera as he strokes his fat dick. He gets off on knowing people are watching his every stroke. His sexy inked arm and chest won't distract you because his cock is where all the action is. His sexy strong hands grip his big thick cock. Fernando's sexy dick is mesmerizing as his abs flex with each tug. He's as smooth as they come and this sexy man has what it takes to be a vet in the near future. Finally he gives us notice just before he erupts like a volcano and you see splurges of cum shooting out from his big dick.Enjoy!


What a stud. Hope he comes back for some man-on-man action. Pleeeeease.
2017-08-02 15:34
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Good look and nice body.  Would like to see paired with Ryan.  What's with the camera work ???  I got seasick from the jarring mvmt.  would like to see me ass  time on these newbies
2017-05-12 11:49
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Def see him as a btm for a big cock. Love the ink
2017-05-11 22:52
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Brink him back and get a double dildo in his ass with Max or Ryan Jordan and let them go at it sir he very sexy i want more of him thanks ' JCA
2017-05-11 01:24
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Fernando is one fine stud. Has one fine body and a nice cock sure hope you bring him back
2017-05-10 22:48
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Fernando is very good looking, nice body.  To much ink, left his socks on a no no.
2017-05-10 18:30
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This comment has been deleted by its author.
May we see the models undress and stand up to show us their front and backs? They all seem to just sit down and JO. Kind of boring. Also, a shower at the end would be nice. Just a few ideas from a fan.
2017-05-10 12:44
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