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Featuring : Phillip Fox
  • Updated on : 01-04-2017 |
  • Length : 00:22:30 |
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Feast your eyes on this Italian Stallion! His name is Phillip Fox and he's absolutely dreamy. Phillip has a classic, greaseresque style that I find so yummy. Phillip gets right down to the fun, pulling off his shirt and letting his frisky hands run all over his body. Claude gets tight to show us Phillip's tightly contoured body. His abs are spectacular and his skin tone just makes me wanna eat a meal off him. Phillip gets things going while sitting on the couch, jerking his hard dick for us. Claude goes low and close so Phillip can look down at us while we look up, enjoying Phillip's wonderful balls and cock being tugged. After some good warming up, Phillip flips over on the couch to show us his scrumptious rear end. Oh yes! It's bubbly, creamy smooth, and that hole is tight and ready. Then we have Phillip on his feet, continuing his jerk session. Claude gets a shot looking upwards so we can enjoy ass, balls, hard dick, and Phillip's face, all at once. Phillip returns to the couch to finish off his work on that gorgeous, oily cock. Reclined and comfortable, Phillip shoots us devastating looks as he works toward an epic, explosive finale.

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You are so hot Phillip, and a very hot bottom too......like your tattoed chest, body a lot... Plse Phillip want to see you bareback soon with other hot masucline Active duty models..
2017-02-27 02:27
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Very Handsome/masculine Model!!!!!
2017-02-14 21:08
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Mr. Fox is defintely a fox he did get job and yes I would love to see you get fucked moaning and everthing you can even use some toys n cock rings to keep that penis hard mmm please do one on one first and show that beautiful ass more and more and good luck in college and become a PA  take care and be safe/jca
2017-01-05 02:57
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.Wow this stud awesome, has and what hot body would love for this guy to come back. give this guy a 10.
2017-01-05 00:29
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Good looking nice tight body can not wait to see him get fucked.

2017-01-04 18:29
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Very handsome, super tight body, not afraid of playing with his own ass, and no socks.  Damn.  I can't wait to see him stroke his dick just for us.
2016-12-30 01:41
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